Hinamori Amu
日奈森あむ Hinamori Amu
First Appearance Shugo Chara!
Alias(es) Hinamori-san (Tadase and the others)

Joker (Kukai and the students)
Himamori (Yuu)

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Age 11-14
Gender Female
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Family Hinamori Ami (younger sister), Hinamori Midori (mother), Hinamori Tsumugu (father), Hinamori Shuu (cousin), Hinamori Eriko (cousin)
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Alter Ego Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade, Amulet Clover, Amulet Diamond
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Hinamori Amu is the main prtoagonist of the Anime Shugo Chara. Amu started off of a "Cool and Spicy" girl that had no friends. But after she prayed to be reborn as her would-be-self she awoke the next day to find 3 guardian eggs which later hatched into Ran (red/pink egg), Miki (blue egg) and Su (green egg) who helped her become who she wanted to be. Throughout the series she had been going on adventures with The Seiyo Guardians, and Ikuto. Later in the series she receives a fourth egg, but it becomes a X-egg. It is purified later and hatches into Dia.


Amu is extremely shy and self-denying, but also kind hearted and learns the philosophy that comes with her life. She is also very caring and responsible, though she can also be a bit airheaded and often forgets to do her homework. Her parents entrust with the care of her little sister whenever they're unavailable.


Amu has short, smooth pink hair styled into a ponytail and golden-brown eyes. She has a "gothic" way of dressing, and usually wears X-shaped clips. At the start of the series, Amu usually has a cold and stoic expression on her face, though as the series progresses, she is shown smiling more frequently.




Ran is Amu's first Guardian Character, who was the most emotional and cheerful, and the first to character transform with Amu. She is extremely energetic and is almost never seen without her cheerleader pom-poms. She is born from Amu's wish to become someone other than herself.

Ran represents Amu's desire to be more honest, athletic, and confident.

Character ChangeEdit

When Amu Character Changes with Ran, her hair clip becomes a red heart and bestows her athletic and limited flying abilities. A side-effect to this is that Amu becomes honest to the point that she blurts out whatever is on her mind. Amu still has relative control over her body while in this Character Change (unless it a specific task that she has to complete, e.a. swinging around a bar for gym class).

Ran's Character Change is used the most throughout the series.




Miki is the second guardian character to hatch. She is very artistic and fashionable. Her powers include increasing Amu's drawing and painting abilities. She is born from Amu's wish to become someone other than herself. In Shugo Chara! Doki, Miki is the only one out of Amu's Guardian Characters to be able to sense Mystery Eggs clearly. Miki is also the guardian character that reflects on Amu's love interests, she shows an interest in Kiseki, Yoru, Daichi, Rhythm, and Musashi.

Miki represents Amu's desire to be more sharp, levelheaded and artistic.

Character ChangeEdit

When Amu Character Changes with Miki, her hair clip becomes a blue spade and gives her increased artistic abilities. However, the Character Change, while short, is powerful and makes Amu spontaneously start drawing to the point that she has no control over her body.

Miki is the one Amu Character Changes with the least.




Su is the third guardian character to hatch. She tends to be very girly and doesn't have many fighting skills, but has domestic skills. She is very good at housekeeping, cooking, and knitting. She is born from Amu's wish to become someone other than herself.

Suu represents Amu's desire to be more caring, sensitive, and improve her domestic skills.

Character ChangeEdit

When Amu undergoes Character Change with Su, her hair clip becomes a green clover and she improves in cooking and housekeeping skills. Like with Miki, Amu does not have much control over her body, to the point that Amu's character literally changes into much more girly version of herself. She is also able to create ingredients out of thin air.

Su's Character Change, while not used very often, is still employed more than Miki's Character Change.




Dia is Amu's fourth and final Guardian Character. Her egg was created a while after Ran, Miki, and Su were born. Because Amu disliked everything that happened in the spring term, Dia lost sight of her owner, became an X-Character, and went to Utau Hoshina. She returned to her slumber after Amu "shines again," but came out permanently later. She's positive and wise, yet something of an air-head. Dia will be staying out of her egg for the latest chapters, looking for Amu's three other eggs that disapeared.

Character ChangeEdit

When Amu undergoes Character Change with Dia, she becomes a sparkling person with a shiny smile, and calms her down. This change also allows her to release the light inside her heart. Amu's hairclip becomes a yellow diamond when under this Character Change. It doesn't make much of an impression to everyone.

This Character Change only occurs in the anime.

Character TransformationsEdit

Amulet HeartEdit

Amu can transform with Ran to become Amulet Heart (アミュレット ハート Amyuretto Haato?), harnessing more powerful athletic abilities, and the desire to be more energetic and honest. As an athletic character, Amulet Heart's powers are mostly useful in combat. In this form, she is able to jump to an incredible limit of heights and lengths.

She uses pom-poms to act as shields or to deflect attacks, while her Heart Rod (ハート ロッド Haato Roddo?) is her main weapon. With it, she can perform the Spiral Heart (スパイラル ハート Supairaru Haato?) and Spiral Heart Special (スパイラル ハート スペシャル Supairaru Haato Supesharu?) techniques, sprinkle a paralyzing pink energy over the target, and throw it like a boomerang.

Amulet SpadeEdit

Amu's transformation with Miki is Amulet Spade (アミュレット スペード Amyuretto Supeedo?), focusing with more artistic abilities, and the desire to be level-headed and creative. Amulet Spade's abilities are centered around art and creativity, and are used in immobilizing the opponent and neutralizing attacks.

Amu wields a gigantic blue paintbrush to unleash the Colorful Canvas (カラフル キャンバス Karafuru Kyanbasu?) and Colorful Canvas Special (カラフル キャンバス スペシャル Karafuru Kyanbasu Supeshiaru?) techniques, where a flood of multi-colored paint leaves the opponent immobilized. This technique is sometimes used in combination with Platinum Royale's White Decoration.

Instead of a painting brush, she utilizes a conductor's baton in the shape of a treble clef as a weapon in the second season. She uses Prism Music (プリズム ミュジック Purizumu Myujikku?), an attack that sends multicolored notes to neutralize hypnosis and offensively.

Amulet CloverEdit

Amu becomes Amulet Clover (アミュレットクロバー Amyuretto Kurobaa?) when she Character Transforms with Su to use her cooking abilities and represents her desire to be more domestic and a sweet-hearted character. Since Amulet Clover's powers are domestic, she is mostly useful in defense and regeneration. She can also use this character's power to create food.

Amulet Clover can use a whisk for the attack Remake Honey (レメックハニー Rimekku Hanii?) to restore broken objects and purify X-Eggs. Later, they can also use an attack called Remake Honey Special (リメックハニースシャル Rimekku Hanii Supesharu?). On one occasion, she uses a harmless technique called Sweet Applique (スイートアップリッケ Suiito Appurikke?) to create flowers and ribbons on Kairi's weapon. She is also able to generate a pan for defense.

In the second season, Amulet Clover utilizes a bubble wand. She uses it for Honey Bubbles (ハニーバブルス Hanii Baburusu?), which sends out a storm of bubbles to push off a horde of people and to clear off enemies' attacks. She later uses a bowl to absorb her opponent's attack and pepper to make her opponent sneeze.

Amulet DiamondEdit

Amu becomes Amulet Diamond (アミュレットダイヤモンド Amyuretto Daiyamondo?) when she Character Transforms with shining idol Dia.

Amulet Dia represents the desire to be radiant and adored, and also to face her problems with a smile. She rarely takes this form unless on special occasions in which this form is required, as this form is considered to be the most powerful out of all four Character Transformations. As a character with an intense shine, Amulet Dia's powers are mostly associated with stars and light. Due to Dia's power, this Character Transformation is used in case of absolute emergency.

This form gives her flying abilities.

Attacks: She can use a small globe to harness a starry attack called "Starlight Navigation (スターライトナビゲション Sutaaraito Nabigeshon?). In Chapter 38 of the manga, she uses two new attacks: Twinkle Shield (トリンクルシールド?) and Shooting Star Shower (シュティングスターシャワー?). In season three, Amu utilizes a new attack in this form called "Twinkle Hold (トリンクルホード?)", which has the power to capture (and supposedly cleanse) X-Eggs in a form of a sparkling sphere; and later uses Open Heart with Pure Feeling to purify them.

Amulet AngelEdit

While keeping Utau's angelic Guardian Character, El, Amu acquires the power to become Amulet Angel (アミュレットエンジェル Amyuretto Enjeru?) with her. Amulet Angel represents the desire to make love come true and to be more innocent.

Amulet Angel's only useful moves are White Flag' (ホワイトフラッグ Howaito Furaggu?), White Flag Double Plan, and Angel Wink (エンジェルウインク Enjeru Uinku?). (Even though her abilities are reduced by not being with her own owner, Utau.) By being super-cute and innocent, she can attract attention of boys. Despite being an angel, she does not seem to possess any flying abilities, since her wings are too small or possibly cannot carry Amu's weight.

Amulet Angel once attempted to use a power named Love Repair Beam (ラブリペアビーム Rabu Ripea Biimu?) to restore two lovers' passion, but it failed because the passion was never gone to begin with.

Amulet DevilEdit

Amu can become Amulet Devil (アミュレットデビル Amyuretto Debiru?) when she Character Transforms with Utau's devilish Guardian Character, Il. Amu represents the rough and tumble character and the desire to be more immature.

Amulet Devil can use an electric guitar to generate an attack called Devil's Tune (デビルスチューンス Debirusu Chuunsu?). It has the power to send out strong soundwaves towards the enemy and repress lesser powerful attacks.

Amulet FortuneEdit

Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Fortune (アミュレットフォーチュン Amyuretto Foochun?) with all four of her Guardian Characters when she completely opens her heart to Ikuto, causing the two of them to transform together. While Amu becomes "Amulet Fortune", Ikuto also becomes Seven Seas Treasure with Yoru. Amulet Fortune represents the girl with four kinds of hearts, the four-leaf clover, representing true love in the language of flowers. As a character of true love, her powers are rather touching to the heart, which is a little bit like Amulet Clover's domestic skills.

Amulet Fortune can give off a wave of good feelings for her healing ability Open Heart Full Volume (オペンハートフルバルム Open Haato Furu Barumu?), while in the anime, she can only use an upgraded Open Heart, allowing X-Eggs to be cleansed and those affected by despair to feel warmth and love.

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