Amy Hinamori
First Appearance
Alias(es) Bella Hoshina
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Age 12
Gender female
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Family Hoshina Utau(aunt)Hinamori Ikuto(father)Hinamori Amu(mother)
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Alter Ego Dark Bell,Angelic Bell,Neko Bell, Hopping Bell
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Theme Ego {{{theme}}}

Amy Hinamori is the lead protagonist of Mauveamygirl's series, Shugo Chara! The After Years.

Outer CharacterEdit

Like her mother Amu she is the cool and spicy character of her school

Real personalityEdit

she's girly artistic and loves anime


Zoey:Her desire to be free of her outer character and act like herself. Zoey is hyper, funloving and basically just a combination of yoru and ran

Maka:Her Desire to take more risks and be like her dad and her aunt Utau.similar to Iru and Yoru.

Chi:Her desire to be nicer and warmer towards others.Similar to Eru and Dia

Cream:Her desire to be more athletic.Similar to Ran, Daichi, and Cream the Rabbit from Sonic all at once.


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