Aomori Daiki
青森ダイキ Aomori Daiki
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush
Alias(es) Clover IV

The Heir of Water (title)

Race Human
Age 13
Gender Male
Birthplace Okinawa, Japan
Birthdate January 9th
Family Unknown
Guardian Character Brate
Alter Ego Vivid Probe
Attribute Beam
Theme Ego Drone

Aomori Daiki is one of the main characters of Shugo Chara!: The Movie. His Guardian Character is Brate, which allows him to become superior of technology. Daisuke is titled as The Heir of Water (水の相続人 Sui no souzokujin?), and his alter ego is Vivid Probe (ビビッドプローブ Bibiddo Puroobu?).




Brate is Daisuke's Guardian Character.

Vivid ProbeEdit

Vivid Probe (ビビッドプローブ Bibiddo Puroobu?) is Daiki's alter ego when he and Brate merges with the Digi Colette.


Aomori (青森?)-Partly, Ao (), translates to "blue", while mori (), translates to "forest". They merge into "blue forest" simply, as Daiki's surname fits into his color scheme.


  • Daiki is one of the many characters to have their surnames in a color etymology.
    • Haruo's surname comes from a regular green theme color, much as Su's color. However, Haruo's theme color is much of a lime green color, while Su's theme color have two hues (a dark hue of her clover icon and a normal hue of her egg).
    • Naru's surname derives red, much as Ran's color. However, Ran's theme color is mainly pink, while Naru's color matches her heart icon.
    • Hanako's surname derives the color yellow, until it is identical to Dia's.
    • Daiki's surname relates to blue, until it is identical to Miki's.
    • Kiba's surname comes from white.
  • Daiki's early names were Suimori Daisuke and Metro Techno.
  • Daiki is one of the four characters to represent the four primary colors.
  • Daiki is one of the members of the Clover group; it represents the BEMANI games:
    • Haruo represents pop'n music.
    • Naru represents GITADORA.
    • Hanako represents REFLEC BEAT.
    • Daiki represents DanceDanceRevolution.
    • Akika represents beatmania IIDX
    • Seiichiro represents DanceEvolution.[[Suzuki
    • Kiba represents jubeat.
    • Kiko represents SOUND VOLTEX.
    • You represents Mirai da Gakki FutureTomTom.
    • Yumi represents BeatStream.


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