Dark Soul
ダークソウル Daaku Souru
First Appearance Movie
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Age Unknown/Unborn
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The Dark Soul (ダークソウル Daaku Sooru?) is the Guardian Character as an antagonist of Shugo Chara!: The Movie. The Dark Soul can be similar to the X-Character, but related to dark possession to the newly Guardian Characters. It can also be a changeling, as it mimics the traits of the Guardian Character as the confusing and terrifying ability to weaken him or her.


The Dark Soul is the diminutive curse of the Guardian Characters. When a child is feeling uncomfortable or did not believe in dreaming to become what he or she wants, The Heart Egg is taken by an X-Guardian, and summoned the Dark Soul to transfer to each object that he or she wants. Then, the Dark Soul may grow large when formed into an object.


The Dark Soul can be purified when the Guardians use their abilities to cleanse the Heart Egg and return to his or her owner.

But when broken into pieces, like Moonlight Enchantress did to Amu, the person may feel gloomy or on melancholy. An unusual thing happened, after Amu's new Heart Egg, is that she becomes the new X-Guardian and terrified the universe.

The broken Dark Eggs are later healed and purified by rescuing the universe, traveling to the Egg Cradle, or defeating the Nightmare.


Dark Egg

The Dark Egg

It is unknown that the Dark Soul is unborn to the Guardian Character. The Heart Egg or Guardian Egg can change into a black egg with a skull icon in the center. The Guardian Character appears as a black color with red eyes. Sometimes, it can form into the born Guardian Character, but with different details as the dark form.

Large FormEdit

Nightmare FormEdit

The Nightmare Dark Soul is the advanced and extremely devilish level of the Dark Soul. The more hatred inside the person's Heart Egg, the more evil the dreams become.


  • Unknown Student
  • Unknown Student 2
  • Unknown Student 3
  • Hinamori Amu- After the losses of Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia, which they are united by the four Pretty Cures, Amu was being possessed by Dark Trauma, includes her to gather Dark Souls and nearly destroy the universe. Her Dark Egg was broken as it should be unknown that her new Guardian Character was unborn.


  • Unlike the X-Character, the Dark Soul can gains three evolutions in order to make the character's feelings go wild.
    • The Dark Soul can transparent each object and becomes bigger than the X-Character.