ダイヤ Daiya
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Family Ran, Miki, Su
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Dia is one of the main official mascots of Shugo Chara!



Dia is Amu's fourth and last Guardian Character, who represents to be the "sparkling" kind of source. Unlike most of the Guardian Characters, Dia resembles to be the most powerful of the most necessary situations.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit


Dia has orange hair, arranged into long pigtails. She has a white headband with 2 yellow diamonds on it. Her blouse is yellow, with a white collar and a white diamond at the middle of the shirt. A small portion of her stomach is also seen. She also wears a yellow skirt and has white boots. Her skin color is peachy and she has golden yellow eyes.

Character ChangeEdit

Hinamori Amu: When Amu undergoes Character Change with Dia, she changes into a positive character with a shiny smile and release the light emitting from deep inside her heart, plus it calms her down. It doesn't make any impression to anyone. As an aspect to the change, Amu's hairclip will change into a yellow diamond.

(Non-canon) Kagamiro Talia:Talia's headband changes into a yellow diamond, which have the same abilities as Amu, but undergoes with a flight ability.

Character TransformEdit


Amulet Diamond:Amu wears a pair of ponytails and a yellow hairclip with a futuristic headphone and a pair of double diamonds attached it. Her outfit is a futuristic white idol skirt. A white ribbon is attached to the back of her neck with straps that go down to her waist. She wears white boots with yellow heels that come up to her inner thighs.

Amulet Fortune: Amu wears a white bridal gown tied by a pair of yellow ribbons on her dress and a veil with a large jewelry headress with four diamonds. She has a colorful ribbon tied around her chest and wears a set of white shoes that comes with white stocks tied. She wears a pair of long white gloves. She presented a girl's desire to marry her one true love. Amulet Fortine was soon deleted when one of Amu Guardian Characters are united by someone else, like the Cures, as they take Amu's temporary appearance to transform into Rainbow Mode. The alter ego was soon torn apart when Amu's heart was impure and sinister.

(Non-canon) 2-DEdit

Techno Diamond:This is the temporary transformation of 2-D.


Cure Diamond: