The Digi Colette is the main transformation device from Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush. In order to transform with it, the characters need to have his or her Guardian Character inside of it, and shout out the phrase "Digital drive, Unlock!", additional to their respective colors that they are on. Amu is the only one to not receive a Digi Colette, because she have failed the Guardian Exam twice, and stuck by being a Guardian Character for eternity. The "Chara nari!/Character transformation!" was cut out, but their title were placed before their alter ego (ex. Guardian of Fire, Blazing Dynamo!, Jack of Spades, Samurai Soul!, etc.)


The Digi Colette should take the form of a round pact. To males, it only have a sliding lid; to females, it acts like a makeup pact with the open-close lid. Each Digi Colette is carried by a pouch with the characters' respective color schemes, and the signature group brooch--only the Clover, Diamond, Heart, and Spade-- on the center. The brooch for males is decorated with a kite-shaped tie with a bottom higlight of their choice, while the brooch for females is decorated with a bow. Only the high ranks or Royal Seiyo group have their brooches to be decorated with not just bows and ties, but miniature crowns on top and their chair rank initials:

  • K-stands for King
  • Q-stands for Queen
  • J-stands for Jack
  • A-stands for Ace

If a Guardian is King or Jack, his initial will be placed on the right of the Digi Colette's pouch. A Queen would like to have her initial placed on top of it (it wouldn't be necessary to place it on the right, because the bow may overlap it). The Digi Colette could be optional, when the Ace is either a male or female.