エル Eru
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Family Il (rivalry friend)
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El is one of the official Guardian Characters of Shugo Chara!, and Utau's second and last Guardian Character.



El is a kindhearted and gentle character. She dislikes fighting and competing against other people, and because of that, Utau thought of her as weak-willed and kept ignoring her, thinking she was useless. El can act over the top at times, declaring herself an angel of love if she sees a situation regarding the subject. El apparently likes pop music, or any music that brings good feelings. She is also a music critic, as to listening to songs, and those who sings one of Utau's songs.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Prior to the reboot fan movie, Il and El are absorbed by one of Emperor Helloin's knights, which she can transform into Lucifer's Charm. Utau is unable to transform into Lunatic Charm and Seraphic Charm, because the dark knight is too intense of her powers. Soon as Haruo uses his special ability, he then eliminates the dark knight to bring back Il and El.

Into her Human form, El's eyes are not opened.


El has golden hair with a little curl at the bottom. She wears a white angel dress with a long pink ribbon, and has a pair of pink angel wings. Above her head is a gold halo, which is a love radar and can be taken off. Her eyes always looks closed and the slants change depending on her feelings. Ran first noticed El and believed that she was still sleeping, even though El was now awake, her eyes looks closed.

Character ChangeEdit

Onto canon appearances, it seems that El does not have a character change at all.

Hoshina UtauEdit

Once in fanon, El uses a Character Change to make Utau fly with large advanced wings.

Hinamori AmuEdit

With progress of Amu, her Character Change with El uses a sign that the wings are too diminutive, which makes Amu fall easily.

(Non-Canon) Fujitaka HaruoEdit

El performs a Character Change once to Haruo, with his ability to fly with a pair of large wings (not like Utau's).

Character TransformsEdit


Seraphic Charm
When El Character Transforms with Utau, they become an angelic character called "Seraphic Charm".


Amulet Angel
When El Character Transforms with Amu, they become "Amulet Angel". This ability is first triggered when Amu described what a guardian Character represented and felt pity for El for having been abandoned by Utau. She can perform this transformation without Amu's consent.