Nagihiko Fujisaki


Japanese Name藤咲なぎひこ
Romaji NameFujisaki Nagihiko
BirthnameFujisaki Nagihiko
NameNagihiko Fujisaki
OccupationGuardian, Kabuki Entertainer
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Nagihiko is one of the official characters of Shugo Chara!. His alter egos are Beat Jumper (ビートジャンパー Biito Janpaa?), with Rhythm, and Yamato Maihime (ヤマト舞姫 Yamato Maihime?), with Temari.


Nagihiko has not been seen dancing in his "boy" form, but as Nadeshiko, he often does Japanese dancing, and has (according to his mother) almost mastered the art. In Shugo Chara Encore 2, however, he is actually seen dancing in his "boy" form, with some of his hair tied up to one side.

Nagihiko also likes to play basketball and other sports. When he was young he was depressed because he had to act like a girl and he was not supposed to jump high.


Nagihiko has brown eyes and long, flowing indigo hair that's tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon with sakura flower ends when he goes into 'Nadeshiko mode'. When he goes around as himself as a boy, he lets his hair loose. As Nadeshiko, he was one of the tallest female characters. When he is himself, he wears the blue Royal Cape, while as Nadeshiko wears the red Royal Cape. He has also seen wearing sportswear, when he is himself, and traditional Kimonos when practicing dancing in his "Nadeshiko Mode".




Nadeshiko's first Guardian Character is the elegant, yet fierce-tempered Temari. Prior to Nadeshiko's return from Europe, she went back to her egg to slumber for a long period of time. During the final confrontation against Easter, her owner is reminded of all the problems of being a girl and his passion for dancing. When he is able to overcome those problems, Temari is finally able to reawaken from her sleep. Later during Episode 109, Amu sees a poster with Nadeshiko on it, so she goes to the spot where Nadeshiko is planning to perform. Then, Nagihiko runs to the dressing room and switches to become Nadeshiko and Rhythm switches with Temari.

Character ChangeEdit

When Nagihiko undergoes a Character Change with Temari, he gains cherry blossom-shaped hairclips in his ribbon and becomes more aggressive, speaks in Hiroshima slang, and attacks with a naginata<. This Character Change can activate by itself when something goes wrong in Nagihiko's house or stage. This Character Change represents Nagihiko's frustration with acting like a girl.




While Nagihiko was in Europe, he dropped the confidence of dancing like a girl and Temari was forced back into her egg, at the same time, Rhythm's egg was born, which he later brings with him back to Japan. When Nagihiko remembers how much he loves basketball in his own rhythm, it hatches into the cool and outgoing Rhythm. Although Rhythm makes Nagihiko do some embarrassing things, Nagihiko still loves him.

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Fujisaki Nagihiko is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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