げっこう Gekkou
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Family Ran, Miki, Su, Dia
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Gekkou is one of the main mascots of Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure. She is Tsukikawa Kiyomi's Guardian Character and her main symbol is the purple moon.


Gekkou can be strict, but the most confident of the main mascots. Whereas Kiyomi is frightened or cold-felt, Gekkou conforts her by encouraging and disclipine. Sha have a dislikes of bothersome people, like Yoru.


Gekkou's attire is ninja-based, including a violet tank top, and brief panties.

Character ChangeEdit

Kiyomi-Kiyomi's cube-shaped hair clip merges into a purple moon, like Gekkou is wearing. Her abilities are slightly similar to Ran's abilities, but improves stealth and superhuman speed.

Amu-Gekkou done it once to make Amu speed up to tackle the Dark Soul. Temporarily, it have failed.

Character TransformEdit

As Kiyomi is Cure Moon, her attire is gradually alike to Gekkou's.


Gekkou's name translate to "moonlight" in Japanese.


  • Gekkou is represented the moon or moonlight. Her English translation also refers to Cure Moonlight from Heartcatch Pretty Cure.
  • Like Ali, Maki's Guardian Character, Gekkou represents "courage".