Hatae Tally
波多江タリー Hatae Tarii
First Appearance Movie
Alias(es) The Princess of Nature
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Age 13
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Butterfly Charm
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Tally is the female protagonist and the fourth main character of Cyber Fusion. She is given the title as The Princess of Nature (自然の王女 Shizen no oujo?). Her alter ego is Butterfly Charm (バターフライチャーム Bataafurai Chaamu?).


Tally is a good-natured girl, but she can be a shy and transferred student.

Love RelationshipsEdit

  • Hirofumi Koru


Tally appears to be a light peach-skinned girl with marshmallow pink eyes. She have cream-colored hair that was short and curved, and have a curved stem that was sticking out.

Butterfly CharmEdit

Tally's Modus is a butterfly, which resembles her attire.