Heart Blade


Device profile
Other names Heart Sword
Master Amu Hinamori
Gender Female
Language English
Magic system Mid-Childa
Type Magical
Handling Weapon
Element Light
Japanese name ハートブレード
Romaji Hāto Burēdo
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

Heart Blade (ハートブレード) is a first Amu's crossover weapon as Amulet Heart’s main weapon along with Amulet Heart's Heart Rod use her weapon as secondary weapon for fighting against evil Mamodo.


The Heart Blade resembles as DenGasher Sword Mode from Kamen Rider Den-O with different designs and heart brooch attached to it but, it lacks of formations like DenGasher and its magic system is also have a Mid-Childa magic circle and color is light red. However, like DenGasher Sword Mode, It can throw the attached blade part in the air, the other two parts are held out, and magic sparkle catches and links them together. Afterwards, a red blade extends from the Sword part.

The Heart Blade was first used when Amu Amulet Heart’s Heart Rod even Open Heart attack won't working against evil Mamodo and artificial Book Keeper (because they are non X-egg and Mystery character), Amulet Heart decides to use her sword to fight against evil Mamodo and artificial Book Keeper and hurts Mamodo with her a simple slash, until Amulet Heart performs her finishing move attack that destroys them with a powerful slash Flying Extreme Slash.

While in Amu Amulet Fortune form, she can performs a more powerful version of Extreme Slash called Fortune Extreme Slash, this attack while sparkling red, blue, green, and yellow light from her Heart Blade.


Heart Blade has no forms, it can be summoned the Heart Blade when she saying "Heart Blade".


Functions Description Appearances
Auto Guard


Amu's Auto Guard spell is Protection. Shugo Chara: Crossover
Magical Drive Button

A pressable brooch button for special move.

Shugo Chara: Crossover