Hiiragi Rikka
柊りっか Hiiragi Rikka
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Alias(es) The Spirit of Light (title)
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Age 9
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Pure Feeling
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Rikka is one of the official characters of Shugo Chara! and the anime-only character. Her alter ego is Pure Feeling (ピュアフィーリング Pyua Fiiringu?).



Rikka Hiiragi has a high spunk and is an energetic character who always gets easily distracted whenever someone is talking to her. She is very kind and caring to poor things, for example, watering a plant in the sidewalk and saving a kitten from a tree. Ever since she first met Amu Hinamori and the Guardians, her dream goal was wanting to become a Guardian herself. Some days later, Rikka finally got what she dreamed for as she became a Guardian Apprentice, as well as Hikaru, and she is the current Queen's chair. She also takes care of X eggs because Rikka feels bad for them.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Rikka is given the title as The Spirit of Light (光の精神 Hikari no seishin?).


Rikka has peach-colored skin and brown eyes. She also has short and slightly salmon-pink hair, and she ties up some of it into a pair of small odangos with two pale light blue or dark red ribbons, but she leaves the rest down. She wears her uniform with a bow instead of a tie, unlike Amu, and she rolls up her sleeves. She wears black knee socks and red shoes. Upon becoming a Guardian, she gets a red Royal Cape.


Hotaru is Rikka's Guardian Character. She is very calm and composed. She is born from Rikka's wish to be more open and caring to her friends. Hotaru's weakness are heights. If she flies anything higher than Rikka's height, she faints and becomes scared. When Rikka get nervous, such as in talking to the public, she calms down Rikka by character changing with her.

Character ChangeEdit

When Rikka Character Changes with Hotaru, her hair ribbons change into a pair of sun hair-clips. Her Character Change makes her more calm and easy to understand when she talks or makes presentations to people.

Pure FeelingEdit


Pure Feeling is Rikka's alter ego when transforming with Hotaru.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Pure Feeling receives new abilities after defeating the Nightmare from another dimension.

Dream Fortissimo: An individual attack





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Hiiragi Rikka is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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