Hirofumi Koru
博文コル Hirofumi Koru
First Appearance Cyber Fusion (Movie)
Alias(es) The Prince of Space (title)

Hirofumi-san (adults)
Nii-chan (Hiyo)
Freakshow (some students)
Koru-kun (Tally)
Sleek (Murdoc)

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Age 15
Gender Male
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Alter Ego Amulet Sonic
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Koru is one of the main characters of Cyber Fusion. Like Hinamori Amu, he is the lead protagonist. Koru's main icon is a circle with a pair of sharp wings, prior to an unknown Guardian Character hatched off. He is given the title as The Prince of Space (宇宙の王子 Uchuu no ouji?). His alter ego is Amulet Sonic (アミュレットソニック Amyuretto Sonikku?).


Koru appears to be a sensitive teenager and was unsociable.


Koru appears with slightly pink and freakish hair and dark green eyes.

Amulet SonicEdit

His Modus is unknownly a white flight tiger.


  • Koru is the genderbent version of Hinamori Amu.
  • Koru shares a bit of a personality with Neku from The World Ends With You.