Ichinomiya Hikaru
一宮光 Ichinomiya Hikaru
First Appearance Episode 101
Alias(es) The Mage of Light
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Age 7
Gender Male
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Alter Ego Star Shine
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Hikaru is one of the official characters of Shugo Chara! He was known as Gozen (御前, Gozen), "boss" in translation, until Chapter 40 of the manga, and Episode 101 of the anime. It was then revealed that "Gozen" was Hikaru. He had been using a voice changer to make himself sound older and let others think that he was a man with great powers.



Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Hikaru was given the title as The Mage of Light (光の魔法使い Hikari no mahoutsukai?).



Hikaru is a small boy with cyan eyes, bright skin, and short, blonde hair.

In his Seiyo uniform, he wears a black suit jacket and blue shorts that reaches to the length of his knees. He wears a blue bow tie, unlike some of them. He have knee-length socks and black shoes.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

As Star Shine, Hikaru's appearance almost resembles to be Stell. He have a white large hat with a small star and dots on the left side. His attire is a white top with an orange section on the center, and a orange belt that contains a yellow star on the center. His pants have a yellow section on each and have a part that almost covers his pants. Hikaru wears a pair of white shoes with large connectors on the top. His shoes have yellow soles and his connectors have orange sections.


Stell is Hikaru's newly born Guardian Character. At first at the last episode and the last chapter of Shugo Chara!, Stell did not hatch yet as Hikaru gave birth at him early,which he did not tell Amu, Rikka, and Tadase that he have one. Stell was born by Hikaru's wish to be grateful and use shining powers.

Star ShineEdit

Star Shine (スターシャイン Sutaa Shain?) is Hikaru's alter ego, when he Character Transforms with Stell.




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Ichinomiya Hikaru is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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