エル Eru
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Il is one of the official Guardian Characters of Shugo Chara!, and Utau's first Guardian Character.



The devilish Il is a rather wild and mischievous character. She hates it when things are peaceful and orderly because she gets bored during these situations. Il also tends to be rude to people, specifically Yukari Sanjo and El. She also likes rock music. At times, she is serious when dealing with the X-Eggs and the ? Eggs (mystery eggs) .

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Prior to the reboot fan movie, Il and El are absorbed by one of Emperor Helloin's knights, which she can transform into Lucifer's Charm. Utau is unable to transform into Lunatic Charm and Seraphic Charm, because the dark knight is too intense of her powers. Soon as Haruo uses his special ability, he then eliminates the dark knight to bring back Il and El.


Il has a devil-like appearance, including a dark-purplish hair with horns, a red, batwing shape covering her top part and her bottom. She has a black, devil's tail, and she wears red boots. She also has black bat wings.

Character ChangeEdit

Hoshina UtauEdit

During Character Change, Utau gains a pair of bat wings and is able to pull out Heart's Eggs from the audience and turns them into X-Eggs.

Her Character Change was later used as a shield.

Hinamori AmuEdit

Amu is seen performing Character Change with a Guardian Character other than one of her own. When she Character Changes with Il, she gets a pair of black bat wings, granting her the ability to fly.

It was used for the second time, but failed when Amu tried to stop Naru's attacks.

Character TransformsEdit


Lunatic Charm
During Character Transformation, Utau and Il merges into a powerful and frightening devil: "Lunatic Charm".


Amulet Devil
During Character Transformation with Amu, they become "Amulet Devil". This Character Transformation has only occurred once. This is also the only lone character transformation by Amu that doesn't have it named after an episode.