Kagamiro Talia
鏡路タリア Kagamiro Taria
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Alias(es) The Star of Light (title)
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Age 14
Gender Female
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Family Kagamiro Nakaji (father)

Kagamiro Mara (mother)
Kagamiro Chiisa (younger sister)

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Alter Ego Cure Diamond
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Talia is one of the main Cures of Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure. She is titled as The Star of Light (光の星 Hikari no hoshi?). Shy may not know how to sing, but with the help of Dia, Amu's final Guardian Character, her alter ego is Cure Glitter (キュアグリッター Kyua Gurittaa?).


Talia looks punkish, but was untalented of singing with her friends. At the end, she became a comfortable friend of Minori and the other Cures.


  • Kagamiro Nakaji-
  • Kagamiro Mara-
  • Kagamiro Chisa-Talia's younger sister, also appears on the Shugo Chara! series, when she met Tadase and Amu at the aquarium. Chisa pretends to be warm and caring to Tadase, but became rude and strict to Amu and (Non-canon) Kairi. It also happens to Talia when she takes care of Chisa.
  • Hinamori Amu-Likely to be Talia's neighbor, but Amu extremely hates Chiisa.





Dia is Talia's only trusted Guardian Character, after Amu betrays her beliefs to become her would-be-self. Dia have the ability to grant as the most powerful source of the four Guardian Characters. She is born for Talia's desire to be free and be an idol like Utau.

Character ChangeEdit

Talia's headband changes into a yellow diamond, which have the same abilities as Amu, but like Minori (when using Ran to Character Change), she undergoes with a flight ability or glide ability.

Cure DiamondEdit

The yellow diamond symbolizes honesty. Character Transformation, Cure Glitter!
黄色の金剛石は、誠実さを象徴しています。キャラなり, キュアグリッター!
Kiiro no kongouseki wa, seijitsusa o shouchou shite imasu. Kyara Nari, Kyua Gurittaa!

Cure Glitter (キュアグリッター Kyua Gurittaa?) is Talia's alter ego, when a Character Transformation is occurred with Dia.