歌謡 Kayou
First Appearance Movie
Alias(es) Hinamori Kayo

Onee-chan (Ami)
Lovely Honey (Midori)
Kayo Nee-chan (Kenta's younger brother)
The Page of Purity (title)

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Age 13
Gender Female
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Family Hinamori Ami (adoptive younger sister), Hinamori Midori (adoptive mother), Hinamori Tsumugu (adoptive father), Hinamori Amu (stepsister, deceased)
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Alter Ego Lollipop Lorelei
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Kayo is one of the main characters of Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure, and the 10th suit of the Heart Guardians. Her Guardian Character is Tartette. Kayo is given the title as The Page of Purity (純度のページ Jundo no peeji?) alter ego is Lollipop Lorelei (ローリポップローレライ Rooripoppu Roorerai?).


Kayo is an orphan, and was very timid to speak up. In the end of the movie, Kayo was adopted by the Hinamori family (Midori, Tsuguru, and Ami), which expels Amu to be sent by prison.




Tartette is Kayo's Guardian Character.

Lollipop LoreleiEdit

The power of kindness. Character Transformation, Lollipop Lorelei!
優しさの力。キャラナリ, ロリポップローレライ!
Yasai-sa no chikara. Kyara Nari, Roripoppu Roorerai!

Lollipop Lorelei (ローリポップローレライ Rooripoppu Roorerai?) is Kayo's alter ego, when Character Transformation is occurred with Tartette.