Kiyota Lola
清田ロラ Kiyota Lola
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: The Movie
Alias(es) The Angel of Wind (title)
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Age 13
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Angelic Blossom
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Lola is one of the main characters of Shugo Chara!: The Movie, and its true reboot, Shugo Chara!: Galactic Journey. Her Guardian Character is Naugette, who have the ability to gain heavenly powers. Lola's main icon is a cloud with a pair of small angel wings, and was given the title as The Angel of Wind (風の天使 Kaze no tenshi?). Her alter ego is Angelic Blossom (エンジェリックブラサム Enjerikku Burasamu?).


Lola wants to be a pop idol in Sanjou Productions after school. Later, she was forced to sing, as she has a hard time singing. She was given birth to her Guardian Character, Naugette.

Lola's true personality reveals that she is naive, timid, and vaguely coquettish; at this point, she wants to remember how to sing. When being joined by the Clover Guardians, she is the brains of the group. Lola is slightly a glutton; some of her favorties is takoyaki, teriyaki chicken, and mochi (Japanese hand-balled cakes). 


Lola appearance is almost based as a Frenchie, within that she appears with slightly tan skin and freckles. She have thick, brown hair that are tied into large and puffy pigtails lower.


Naugette is Lola's Guardian Character, who adores to be a singer and also "lovey-dovey".

Angelic BlossomEdit

Color PalettesEdit

These are the color palettes that are planned for the in-progress game, Fever Pop.

  • Sam (Totally Spies)
  • Italy Flag
  • Flipz (Wild Grinders)
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Cloud Man (Mega Man 7)
  • Trixie (Speed Racer)
  • Angel (Monica's Gang)



  • Lola bears a similarity to Kagamiro Talia from Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure.
    • They are both idols (at this point, they dream to become idols like Hoshina Utau).
  • Lola also shares a personality to Filia from Skullgirls.
    • They are both chunky as of their personalities.
    • They bring respect.
    • Both have the fear of tortured people, done by the antagonists.


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