Not to be confused by Murasaki Kotone or simply Kotone, as of the official minor character of the Shugo Chara! series.

Kobashi Kotone
小橋琴音 Kobashi Kotone
First Appearance Cyber Fusion (Movie)
Alias(es) The Maid of Twilight
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Age 16
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Moonlight Geisha
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Kotone is one of the main characters of Cyber Fusion. She is given the title as The Maid of Twilight (黄昏の女中 Tasogare no jochuu?), and her alter ego is Moonlight Geisha (ムーンライト芸者 Muunraito Geisha?).


Kotone is portrayed as an unruffled and sophisicated girl, but rather to be barely perky. She may list tedious and repulsive interuptions, as one of her dislikes.


Kotone appears as a feminine "nerd", with darkly purple or violet-colored eyes, and dark teal-colored hair that was tied into a curly ponytail. She often wears glasses, but seemingly that she does not have them, when seeing things rarely.

Moonlight GeishaEdit

Kotone's Modus is a wolf.


  • Kobashi Kotone is the genderbent version of Sanjou Kairi.
  • Into her forgetness of glasses, Kotone have a clear, bird-eye view.