Kusairo Shouta
草色しょうた Kusairo Shouta
First Appearance Episode 34
Alias(es) The Cleric of Purity (title)
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Age 11
Gender Male
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Family Unnamed grandfather
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Alter Ego Tela Arch
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Shouta's last name reveals to be Kusairo Shouta (草色しょうた Kusairo Shouta?). Shouta receives a new alter ego, known as Tela Arch (テラアーチ Tera Aachi?).

Kuuta is given the title as The Cleric of Purity (純度の聖職者 Jundo no seishokusha?).


As Tela Arch, Shouta's appearance is basely known as a half-bishop and half-artist. Colors are included as three green colors. His attire consists of a light mint color, that matches his sash and a pair of angel wings. His top is a jade green color and his pants and shoes are the same color as his sash. He wears a light green barrette with an artist's palette symbol.

Tela ArchEdit

Tela Arch (テラアーチ Tela Aachi?) is Shouta's alter ego, when he Character Transforms with Kuuta, in the rebooted fan movie.


  • Before Shugo Chara!: Cosmic Rush, Shouta earlier surname was Gensou, though it doesn't fit quite so well...