Not to be confused by Tatsuno Hinako, as of the fan character of Strike! Pretty Cure.

Mizutani Hinako
水谷ひなこ Mizutani Hinako
First Appearance Episode 61
Alias(es) The Princess of Light
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Age 7

27 (Team Chara)

Gender Female
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Alter Ego Happy Spark
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Hinako is one of the official minor characters of Shugo Chara!, and an anime-only character. Her Guardian Character is Kiran.



She is a young first grader, girl with a very shy personality, but wishes all the time to surpass her fears to make new friends and be able to help others and make them happy. In the anime, she moves out of her old house and goes to a new home and elementary school. However, while her family was driving to their new home, Kiran's egg fell out of the truck, thus begins the episode.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Hinako becomes one of Mili and Koto's friends.

Hinako is given the title as The Princess of Light (光の姫 Hikari no hime?).



Hinako appears with brown, short hair with a small ponytail tied with a pink tight scrunchie. She have blue eyes and peachy skin.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

As Happy Spark, her appearance closely ressembles to Dia, Amulet Diamond, or Pure Feeling. Hinako's hair color merges into a simply orange color, and her hair was formed into large pigtails. Her pigtails are almost identical to Dia's, but the ends are curved into balls. Her headband is lightly yellow with a yellow, four-vertex star or sparkle. Her attire consists of a banana-colored minidress, with a yellow sparkle/star on her chest, that was strapped with a belt. Hinako have a white collar on the top of her dress. Two light orange diamonds are placed to the sides and a yellow section occured on the bottom of her dress. Hinako wears banana-colored shoes with orb-shaped particles with sparkles. On the top of her shoes, she have a yellow detail.


Prior to the the events that take place, Hinako had already given birth to a sparkling Guardian Egg. The day she moves to a new home her egg falls out of the moving van, into the street, after which it is found by Amu. Later on, a Guardian Character named Kiran is born from the egg, representing her desire to have a sparkling personality, and be a girl who thinks positively no matter what. But, until reunited with Hinako, she just goes and helps people, and almost disappears because Hinako didn't believe she will come back to her.

Character ChangeEdit

When she undergoes Character Change with Kiran, she becomes a fearless, kind person that likes to help other people.

The first time she changed was when a girl fell down and Kiran decided to help Hinako overcome her fears by character changing with her and therefore helping Hinako make a new friend.

As an aspect to the Character Change, her hairband becomes a sparkling star/diamond/sparkle.

It looks the similar as when Dia character changes with Amu.

Happy SparkEdit

Happy Spark (ハッピースパーク Happii Supaaku?) is Hinako's alter ego, when Character Transforming with Kiran.





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Mizutani Hinako is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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