Musice Buster

Musice Buster charging

Hitomi Singer Dream charges Musice Buster

Spell profile
Primary caster Hitomi Singer Dream (regular)

Hitomi Dark Idol (enhanced)

Magic system Mid-Childa
Category Attack
Type Bombardment
Element Dark/Light
Japanese name ミューシセバスター
Romaji Myūshisebasutā
First app. Shugo Chara: Crossover

The Musice Buster (ミューシセバスターMyūshisebasutā) is a very powerful attack along with Song Shoot and Song of Finisher and was used for fighting against her enemies. However, Hitomi remains being tainted powered by Rubeye and Amu and others were fighting longer, Hitomi Singer Dream sings a song to creates a red sphere then fires a laser beam at the target.

The Musice Buster is works like a Divine Buster, which fires a powerful laser beam at the target. Whenever the laser beam upon hits, it creates a regular explosion that damages a large area, powerful enough to damage or destroy a every single building in one shot. Unlike Lyrical Nanoha style charging, Hitomi Singer Dream must sing a song to charge the Musice Buster before it fires, sang with aria "Musice... Buster! (ミューシセ...バスター!). then fires it while is sang with Buster! then a laser beam was fired at the enemy.

Although the Musice Buster is very powerful attack, the enemies trying to dodge the laser beam before get hits.

The enhanced version Musice Buster was used by Hitomi Dark Idol called Enhanced Musice Buster. The Enhanced Musice Buster itself has more powerful and longer range than regular Musice Bustert, but it fires from her staff instead of from her hand. Enhanced Musice Buster is powerful enough to counter Amu's Open Heart with enough force and capable of destroying multiple stronger enemies in straight line.

Notable usesEdit


  • In terms of appearance of the Musice Buster is works the same as Divine Buster along with other mages do such as "Remake Buster"