The Nightmare (悪夢 Akumu?) is a higher or advanced level of the Dark Soul, which that the owner of the Guardian Character is stuck by his or her own fear of what she doesn't have.


The Nightmare is portrayed as a chaotic version of the Dark Soul, and forms into sinister details of the character's feelings.


The Nightmare can transform into several of details what he or she wants to be to change the character.


  • In the fan reboot movie, the first twelve Nightmares are portayed as the twelve Zodiac symbols.
    • All but The Blindness, The Araña, The Expatriate, and The Grand Highblood, have eight-letter titles. The Araña only have a five-letter title, unlike The Blindness and The Grand Highblood, who only have nine-letter titles. The Expatriate is the only Nightmare to have the longest letters.
  • The first twelve Nightmares share similarities to the trolls' ancestors, as they are alike to their symbols.
    • The trolls' ancestors are adult trolls; however, the Nightmares are shown as humans eariler.
    • The ancestors' names are changes for the Nightmare: Neophyte Redglare to The Blindness, and Marquise Mindfang to The Araña.