Nijiiro Nemi
虹色ねみ Nijiiro Nemi
First Appearance Episode 78
Alias(es) The Mage of Fire
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Age 11
Gender Female
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Family Nami (twin sister)
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Alter Ego Twin Dream (Confusion Transformation)

Solar Flame (Original)

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Nemi is one of the official minor characters of Shugo Chara!




Nemi is shown with brown eyes and a side ponytail on her right held up by a pink hairbow. She has bangs that sweep over the left side of her face, completely opposite from her counterpart. Her outfit is composed of a blueish shirt hidden under a white jacket with pink cuffs. Her jacket has a blue "T" on the left side. She also wears a blue skirt with two white frills. Nemi has blue socks that match her outfit and reach just below her knees with white boots lower than the socks pulled over them.

As a part of Twin Dream, Nemi's eyes have turned to a shade of what seems to be red and wears black, purple, and white type of outfit different from Nami's complete with a cape. Her bangs still sweep over the left side of her face and she now has a question mark in the middle of her face right beside her bangs. Her ponytail is now curved and pointy, but is still on the right side of her face. The ruby necklace has turned into an earring fastened on her right ear.

Solar FlameEdit