Pretty Cure + Shugo Chara! with Skullgirls (プリキュア+しゅごキャラ!with スカールガールス Purikyua + Shugo Kyara! with Sukaaru Gaarusu?) is the final crossover of the Pretty Cure and Shugo Chara! series, created by Caramelangel714.


A young and poverted boy named Mamin, seeks a mystical
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and powerful object that was unhumanly, the Skull Heart. A person will grant only one wish in order to be a powerful and twisted being, the Skullgirl, in which it haunts humanity. The Skull Heart awakens the newest and deadly master of evil, Queen Kibasa, after wishing that a person will watch over Mamin and protect him; however, the land turned into havoc.

Yukishiro Honoka and declared by Mepple, Mipple, Pollun, and Lulun about the Maplecrest Games. As she bring along with Hanasaki Tsubomi, Kise Yayoi, Akimoto Komachi and the others to the Maplecrest Games, it occured that the strange, elemental orb was sudden to see. Hiiragi Rikka, Hinamori Amu, Sakurai Yua, and the Guardians revealed a secret passage of the orb. Cerebella, Parasoul, young sister Umbrella, Squigly, and Valentine sense the intruding trauma that the Maplecrest Games is changing. The Skull Heart obtained the people's energy by using it to blackened the area. The three groups are separated, prior to Kibasa's revenge.


Pretty Cure CharactersEdit

Yukishiro Honoka
Akimoto Komachi
Kise Yayoi
Hanasaki Tsubomi
Yamabuki Inori

Shugo Chara! CharactersEdit

Hiiragi Rikka
Sakurai Yua
Yuiki Yaya
Hinamori Amu
Mashiro Rima

Skullgirls CharactersEdit





  • Misumi Nagisa, Kurumi Erika, and Hoshizora Miyuki are the only Pretty Cure characters who are absent in the final crossover, due by the prior of unknown causes.
  • Lulu de Morcerf, Hoshina Utau, and Tsukiyomi Ikuto are the only Shugo Chara! characters who are absent in the final crossover.
  • Filia, Peacock, Ms. Fortune, and Painwheel are the only Skullgirls characters who are absent in the final crossover.
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Pretty Cure + Shugo Chara! with Skullgirls is created by Caramelangel714.

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