リズム Rizumu
First Appearance Episode 56
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Gender Male
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Family Temari
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Rhythm is one of the official Guardian Characters of Shugo Chara!, and Nagihiko's second Guardian Character, after Temari.



He is born from Nagihiko's boyish self, so he is cool, outgoing, and a flirt. He is shown to like basketball, like Nagihiko when he was little. Rhythm is described to be friendly by Yaya, enthusiastic by Tadase, a flirt by Rima and one that acts impulsively by Nagihiko.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit


Rhythm appears with long violet hair that reaches to his waist. He wears a baby blue beanie, long-sleeved shirt, blue vest, and jeans. On his feet are white shoes and blue soles. Around his neck, he have a pair of blue-black headphones.

Character ChangesEdit

Fujisaki NagihikoEdit

When Rhythm Character Changes with Nagihiko, Nagihiko gains a pair of headphones around his neck as an aspect to his change and becomes more sporty and outgoing to an incredible point, making his athletic abilities comparable to both Amu and Kukai in Character Change.

Character TransformsEdit


Beat Jumper:When Nagihiko is reminded of how much he liked baskbetball when he was younger while fighting an X-Characters, he triggers the birth of Rhythm and they undergo a Character Transformation, becoming Beat Jumper.