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Shugo chara fanon Wiki is for the Shugo Chara!'s fans those want to create their own story, even using the official stuffs or no. You also can join us as a Shugo Chara fanon maker.

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If you're are about to create a Shugo Chara fanseries, which genre would you like to use? (I can't place romance and comedy, because it always the same...)

The poll was created at 16:39 on June 23, 2014, and so far 19 people voted.
Did You Know?
  • ...That this wiki only having 0 active users?
  • ...That Caramelangel714 has her own Tumblr site with her favorite entertainments?
  • ...That several of these character pages are created in Avatar Anime Character programs?
  • ...That Misaki Ozora is not the original created character, but a set of borrowed characters named Tama-tan and Karin Hanazono, who are official characters by Koge-Donbo.