Kukai Souma


Japanese Name相馬空海
Romaji NameSouma Kuukai
BirthnameSouma Kukai
NameKukai Souma
OccupationSeiyo Guardian
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Kukai is one of the official characters of Shugo Chara!, and a main character throughout the first Shugo Chara! Anime series. He is the Jack for the first half but he graduates into middle school. However he constantly helps them out and visits. He is a athletic and plays soccer and basketball. He is a carefree person and is usually not the planner or thinker. His Guardian Character is Daichi, in order to be more athletic. His alter ego is Sky Jack (スカイジャック Sukai Jakku?).


As a sporty kid, he has an outgoing personality, and also a sense of justice. He is very competitive and sometimes competes with Amu and Nadeshiko. He is very into sports, and one time, when he begins experiencing romantic feelings, and El comments that it's his first love, Daichi comments that it's because he hasn't ever focused on anything besides sports before, and that he's actually surprised with this. Kukai is also possibly superstitious, since he has been seen giving Utau "good luck charms," by slightly punching her head.


  • Amu- Amu has a crush on him in the first series.
  • Utau
  • Sion


Kukai appears to have peachy skin, green eyes, and brown, shaggy hair.

In his Seiyo Academy uniform, Kukai wears a black jacket, blue shorts, and black shoes. He also dons a blue neck tie, tucked to his jacket.




Kukai's Guardian Character is Daichi, born from his passion for sports, but was indecisive to choose one to stick with. He appears to be best friends with Rhythm. Ran and Daichi have somewhat of a close relationship, both being Guardian Characters of sports.

Character ChangeEdit

During Character Change, Kukai receives a star-shaped hairclip and becomes more athletic. He can use all kinds of sports items, as long as it keeps him going. He also receives a skateboard or a snowboard; depending on the terrain he is on.

Sky JackEdit

Thanks to the Humpty Lock, Kukai and Daichi are able to perform a Character Transformation during the beginning of spring term, becoming "Sky Jack". This represents his desire to play many sports.


Sky Jack's special attack is Golden Victory Shoot (ゴーデンヴィトリーシュート Gooden Vitorii Shuuto?), using a fiery golden soccer ball to take down his target. He is also highly energetic and athletic, much like his Character change state and Amulet Heart. Sky Jack rides on a snowboard, or skateboard, that gives him flying qualities.


Fanon DescriptionsEdit

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Souma Kukai is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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