てまり Temari
First Appearance Episode 2
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Gender Female
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Family Rhythm
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Temari is one of the official Guardian Characters of Shugo Chara!, and Nagihiko's first Guardian Character, before Rhythm.



Temari is mostly quiet and lady-like, but when something goes wrong, like when someone messes up the stage she and Nadeshiko dance in, or a rat appears in their house and makes her feel disrespectful, she character changes with Nadeshiko and becomes more aggressive and fierce-tempered, attacking with a naginata and speaks with a Hiroshima slang. Temari is also very well-mannered and in one of the earlier episodes, she tells Kiseki that she doesn't want to crawl on the floor because her kimono will get dirty.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit


Temari's appearance is a fair-skinned Guardian Character with purple hair that are tied into a large, wide, and straight ponytail, with a pair of sakura flowers. Her attire consists of a light-pink traditional kimono with patterns of pink flowers on her sleeves. Underneath her kimono, she wears geta (Japanese shoes).

Character ChangesEdit

Fujisaki NagihikoEdit

Like the other Guardian Characters, Temari can sense the presence of X-Eggs and other Guardian Characters. To Character Change, Temari utters the words "Chin, Ton, Shan," like the strumming of a shamisen.

Utterly when Nagihiko into his female form, Temari and Nadeshiko become dangerous, powerful and aggressive when they undergo Character Change. Nadeshiko will also have sakura blossoms as her hairclip. She will be able to attack her opponents with a naginata. Nagihiko personally believes that this character change is a reflection of how he wanted to be himself as a boy. It is first shown in Episode 3 where "she" fights Ikuto that Amu shocked, and it is shown again in Episode 7 of the 3rd season where Kusukusu suddenly picked the petal that activates this character change.

Character TransformsEdit


Yamato Maihime:Nagihiko remembers the troubles of being a girl which triggers the reawakening of Temari and they undergo a Character Transformation, becoming "Yamato Maihime".

Hinamori AmuEdit

Amulet Sakura: