Torii Mifuyu
鳥居みふゆ Torii Mifuyu
First Appearance Episode 14
Alias(es) -
Race Human
Age 13
Gender Female
Birthplace Japan
Birthdate Unknown
Family Unknown
Guardian Character Snoppe
Alter Ego -
Attribute -
Theme Ego -

Mifuyu is one of the official minor characters of Shugo Chara!.


Mifuyu is a child snowboarder who handles techniques very well, but became nervous when going on sharp and rapid hills. Later in the episode, she overcome her fear and takes advantage to become a perfect sportman.


Mifuyu is a light-skinned girl with periwinkle-colored eyes, rosy cheeks, and dark brown hair. Some of her hair is tied into a small ponytail with a purple scrunchie.

For her winter attire, Mifuyu wears a blue coat with a large, baby pink section on the center, and blue pants.

For her snowboarding or competition attire, she has a yellow headband around her forehead, and protective goggles that are attached. Mifuyu has a purple coat with a connected white jersey. The jersey has red, thin sections in each sleeve and prints the number 11 on the center. Mifuyu wears white gloves with small, blue sections on half, and light yellow pants.




Snoppe is Mifuyu's Guardian Character, whose ability to be calm and comfortable.

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Torii Mifuyu is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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