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Tron Forms are a series of complex-achieved levels available for the destines. As of Shugo Chara!, one who purify enough Dark Souls or defeat the Nightmare of a different dimension, gets to receive the Tron forms and mystical new spells.



A character's attire requires fully black and one neon color on each section. The attires mainly contain hoods and Tron Tier Symbols on the center of the top.

Symbol AppearancesEdit

The Wind (or Breath, communicated by the God Tiers) is known with two curvy lines.

The Light is known as a sun with 12 lines.

List of Series that had ThisEdit

  • Xiaolin Chronicles (earlier used by Christy Hui canoncially)
  • Fever Pop
  • Pretty Cure
  • Shugo Chara!
  • Wild Grinders
  • Portal Rush

Powers and AbilitiesEdit