Yamaha Lilo
山羽リロ Yamaha Riro
First Appearance Movie
Alias(es) The Princess of Purity
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Age 13
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Cure Clover
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Lilo is the third main protagonist of Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure. Lilo is an ambitious and heartwarming student of the Seiyo Academy, but was worse at cooking. She is given the titled as The Princess of Purity (純度の王女 Jundo no oujo?). With the help of Su, the third Guardian Character, her alter ego is Cure Clover (キュアクローバー Kyua Kurobaa?).



  • Yamaha Irie
  • Yamaha Seiji

Love RelationshipsEdit

  • Himawari Kiba-Primary crush
  • Hotori Tadase






Su is Lilo's only trusted Guardian Character, who admires to cook and clean. She tends to be very girly and doesn't have many fighting skills, but has domestic skills. She is very good at housekeeping, cooking, and knitting. Su is born for Lilo's wish to watch over the household, after Amu betrays the Guardian Characters' beliefs (before the series start).

Suu represents Lilo's desire to be more caring, sensitive, and improve her domestic skills.

Character ChangeEdit

Lilo's puffy ball clip changes into a limelight clover clip with the same ability as Amu, but does not use the ability to use sarcastic attractions, it because of Lilo's kind personality.

Cure CloverEdit

The green clover symbolizes luck. Character Transformation, Cure Clover!
緑のクローバーは幸運を象徴しています。キャラナリ, キュアクローバー!
Midori no kuroobaa wa kouun o shouchou shite imasu. Kyara Nari, Kyua Kuroobaa!

Cure Clover (キュアクローバー Kyua Kurobaa?) is Lilo's alter ego. Her abilty is that Lilo does not speed up or jump high, but to stun or purify enemies with spellcasting attacks. Her main weapon is Honey Leaf, a clover-themed kitchen whisk as a magical wand.


Divine Healing (ヒーリング Hiiringu?)



  • Unlike several of Shugo Chara! characters, Lilo does not use any dangerous weapons, but uses Honey Leaf, as a spellcasting weapon. The others are Talia, Stanley and Kayo.