Yoruno Wakana
夜野わかな Yoruno Wakana
First Appearance Episode 1
Alias(es) The Witch of Love (title)
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Age 14
Gender Female
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Alter Ego Lucky Wish
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Wakana becomes a Guardian of the Diamonds, and is given the title as The Witch of Heart (愛の魔女 Ai no majo?).


As Lucky Wish, Wakana's appearance resembles as a witch, but unlike Lorulo's appearance, her attire gains different details. Wakana's hair grew lengthy and is tied with an orange bow; her hair merges into a lavender color. On her head, she have a rosy pink hat that was pointed in a different way. Her attire consists of silly colors, like that, she was wearing a pink dress with an orange kite-shaped object while the other is last inserted as a lavender color. There is a small, orange waist that matches the detail underneath her lower dress. The last part of her lower dress is lavender and she wears pointy, lavender-colored shoes with rosy pink soles.


Lorulo is Wakana's Guardian Character.

Lucky WishEdit