Yaya Yuiki


Japanese Name結木やや
Romaji NameYuiki Yaya
BirthnameYuiki Yaya
NameYaya Yuiki
OccupationSeiyo Guardian
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Yaya is one of the official characters of Shugo Chara!. Her alter ego is Dear Baby (ディアベビー Dia Bebii?).


Yaya often acts immature for her age, such as having an enormous sweet tooth, a great soft spot for items like ribbons as well as tending to be hyperactive. Yaya wants to be a baby forever so her parents would give her more love than her younger brother. She is also a good ballerina, but also a rather clumsy one. Yaya's favorite things are cute and babyish.


Yaya appears to be a peach-skinned girl with brown eyes and orange hair that is tied into small pigtails with large red ribbons. Like the other female Guardians, she wears a red cape at school.

As Dear Baby, Yaya's attire resembles of a pink baby rabbit, which is identical to Pepe, including a bunny hat, a yellow bib, and a set of slippers.


Her Guardian Character is the infant-like Pepe, born from her desire to become a baby again.

Character ChangeEdit

Yaya gets a baby bib and a rattle as primary weapon, which can grow to massive size and can be used to perform "Giant Rattle Attack". The attack often ends up failing. In a later episode, she receives a bottle used to perform the "Milk Beam, Strawberry Flavor" attack. Coincidentally, both Yaya and Pepe become very immature during the change. To Character Change, Pepe says "Cutie, Sweetie, Love Baby!"

Dear BabyEdit

During Character Transformation with Pepe, she becomes "Dear Baby". This represents her desire to be babyish and get attention.

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Yuiki Yaya is an official character from Shugo Chara!.

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