Zhuan Sasuto
スアンさすと Suan Sasuto
First Appearance Shugo Chara!: The Movie
Alias(es) The Heir of Purity
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Age 14
Gender Male
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Alter Ego Rolling Chef
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Sasuto is one of the characters of Shugo Chara!:The Movie and its true reboot, Shugo Chara!: Galactic Journey. His Guardian Character is Piz, who desires to be more skillful in cutlery. Sasuto is given the title as The Heir of Purity (純度の相続人 Jundo no souzokujin?) and his alter ego is Rolling Chef (ローリングチェフ Rooringu Chefu?).


Sasuto is portrayed as energetic and comical of the Seiyo Guardian team. Rather like Yaya and Lola, he is a glutton.


Before the movie starts, Sasuto receives Piz as his Guardian Character, but he is not hatched yet. On the first day of Seiyo Academy, Sasuto is chosen to be one of the Seiyo Guardians, but he was ranked as the Jack of Clovers.


Sasuto's appearance implies that he is born as a Chinese person, with black, short hair, that his mane was shown raised a bit. Mosty all the times, he is shown that his eyes are squinted, assuming that he is almost blind, but when opening his eyes, it seems that his eye color is brown.

Like all male Seiyo students, Sasuto's uniform consists of a black suit and a blue tie. He wears blue, plaided shorts and black shoes. Like the Guardians, he wears a blue Royal Cape.


Piz is Sasuto's Guardian Character. He is born from Sasuto's wish to be skillful of cooking.

Rolling ChefEdit



  • "Thanks to Mr. China Flinstone, who don't help me be preprared to the circus!! He's a brute!!!". This is dialogged by Amu, contrasting that Sasuto's hair is almost similar to Fred Flinstone's. Unusually, he is a thin and Chinese version of Fred Flinstone, from the classic titular cartoon, The Flinstones.
    • According to another contrast, his hair is almost identical to Emo Crys' from Wild Grinders.